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Swieqi Chess Club Re-Opening Ceremony


  • Saturday 13th May at 10:30am, will be over by noon


  • Event by Invitation to club paid members and other distinguished guests.

Swieqi Chess Club Leagues - 2023


  • 28th May till around 24th September (Assuming 9 rounds per division)

Time Control:

  • 90 mins / player for whole game +30 secs per move


  • Games every Sunday afternoon at 5pm, with each division having a round every two weeks 

    • E.g. 28th May Division 1,  4th June Division 2, 11th June Division 1, etc

  • Number of Divisions will be determined based on number of applications, with around 8-12 players per division

  • Aiming for a single round robin tournament (all players play each other once)  

  • Applicants will be split into divisions based on rating

  • Top 2 players in each Division gets promoted to the higher division in next season

  • Prize Money for winners of each division (amount depends on applications and will be announced after round 1)

  • Trophies/Mementos for top 3 placed in each division

Students Chess Series - June One Day Event


  • Saturday 3rd June at 9:30am, will be over by 12:30pm

Time Control:

  • Fast play 5m +3s (5 minutes per player, with 3 second increment per move)


  • The Students Chess Series consists of one day events throughout the year played on a Saturday on alternating months (next event will be in August)

  • Open to any student of any school or education institution, under the age of 21 

  • Tournament format to be used will be that of a Swiss System

  • Commemorating medal/memento for each participant

  • Prize (Books/Trophies/Mementos) for top 3 placed players

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