Step 1 Classes starting from January 2021

Monday 8th February 4:30pm - 6pm or Wednesday 10th February 6pm - 7:30pm

Chess Courses for Juniors aged 5-18

Learning Chess Step by Step (Steps 1-3)

This learning System is the officially acknowledged method by the Dutch Chess Federation.

This system is also actively encouraged by the Malta Chess Federation.


All students are welcome to attend.  Applications forms for chess courses can be download from here.





Classes are held weekly at the:

Swieqi Chess Club

Triq Josef Kalleya 

Swieqi SWQ 3555

Landline: 27310375

Mobile: 79007001





Please send an email to to find out when the next courses will

be taking place.


Courses will only take place if there are a minimum of 4 students per class.  

For Step 2 and 3 classes please contact the club directly on 79007001.  


Due to the COVID-19 virus the following measures have been put into place.

  1. There shall be no more than 8 students per class.

  2. All students (including instructor) shall wear a face mask at all times during the lesson.

  3. Temperature readings shall be taken and recorded.  Any student with a temperature reading of 37.2 or above shall not be allowed to attend the lesson.

  4. Hand sanitizer shall be used upon entering the class.  



LESSON STRUCTURE (Please scroll further down the page for course content)

  1. Each of the steps are made up of 24 lessons with each lesson being 90 minutes in duration.   The first 30-40 minutes of the class will consist of interactive instruction followed by 20 minutes of tactic puzzles for students to solve with the remainder of the class being dedicated to hands-on chess practice with other students.  

  2. Students will be given homework worksheets at the end of every lesson which they will be expected to complete by the following lesson.  Homework's are made up of a number of tactical puzzles and homework's can be downloaded from the website in PDF format.  

  3. An assessment will be given in the last lesson comprising of a number of tactical puzzles covering all subject areas. 

  4. A certificate of completion along with a medal will be awarded to each student provided they have an attendance rate of 80%.



Each Step course is comprised of 24 lessons and will be covered over a period of 6 months (lesson will stop and continuing according to Government/Private/Church school holidays. 


Option 1: €125 whole course fee   Sibling price - €100 whole course fee (per child).

Option 2: €7 per lesson of 90 minutes.  Sibling price - €5 per 90 minutes (per child).


Option 1: €160 whole course fee Sibling price - €135 whole course fee (per child)

Option 2: €10 per lesson for 90 minutes.  Sibling price - €7 per 90 minutes (per child).


NOTE: It is advised that all students new to chess and beginners start from Step 1 as the steps follow on from each other.  If a student does not fully understand the concepts that are covered in Step 1 they may have difficulty following the remainder of the steps.  

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On completion of Step Courses
Chess Certificate.jpg

STEP 1: In the first step, the elementary knowledge is acquired which every successful chess player needs. The early stages of the course thus present easily comprehensible steps and exercises, which are immediately assimilated through play. In addition, the course is complemented by a lot of new activities for learning and practice.

Duration: 24 weeks

  1. The board and pieces

  2. The way the pieces of move

  3. Attacking and capturing

  4. The pawn

  5. Defending

  6. Check and getting out of check

  7. Mate in one (1)

  8. Mate in one (2)

  9. Castling

  10. The advantageous exchange

  11. The twofold attack

  12. Drawing

  13. Mating with the queen

  14. The pawn: capturing en passant

  15. The notation                          Advanced Lessons

  16. Winning material

  17. Defending

  18. Mate

  19. Route planner

  20. Defending against mate

  21. Draw

  22. Planning mate

  23. The passed pawn

  24. Practical Assessment

STEP 2: The second step is about the basic rules of tactics and positional play. You will learn many attacking patterns and techniques to win material. Many built-in games and exercises will help you with this.

Duration: 24 weeks

  1. Activity and vulnerability

  2. Double attack with the queen

  3. The pin

  4. Eliminating the defender

  5. The golden rules

  6. Mate in two moves

  7. The target: a square

  8. Double attack with the knight

  9. Mating with a rook

  10. Double attack: KRB pawn

  11. Discovered attack

  12. Defending against mate

  13. Short notation                        Advanced Lessons

  14. Mate

  15. Vulnerability in the opening

  16. Defending

  17. Route planner

  18. Planning mate

  19. Stalemate

  20. Gaining material

  21. Playing rules

  22. Extra Exercises - 1

  23. Extra Exercises - 2 

  24. Practical Assessment

​STEP 3: In the third step you will learn the basics about openings and fundamental endgames, followed by an introduction to planning and further work on tactics.

Duration: 24 weeks

  1. Finishing the opening

  2. Discovered and double attack

  3. Attacking a pinned piece

  4. Mate

  5. Pawn endings: the square of the queen

  6. Eliminating the defender

  7. Defend against tactics

  8. Mini-plans

  9. Draw

  10. X-ray

  11. The opening

  12. Pinned pieces

  13. Mobility

  14. Key squares

  15. Threats                                   Advanced Lessons

  16. The intermediate move

  17. Pinning

  18. Route planner

  19. Eliminating the defender

  20. Pawn endings

  21. Defending against mate

  22. Discovered attacks

  23. Chess problems

  24. Practical Assessment