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Chess Courses - Adults (Beginners 0-1400)

by Oana Caruana Pulpan

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This course is aimed at beginners and Chess players who have an ELO rating of under 1400.  It's often the case that novice players have problems improving because they lack the foundations needed to improve upon.  They have minor knowledge, but that’s not enough to see improved progress.  Beginners tend to study the wrong things and in the wrong way, spending hours on openings and tactics, while what they really need is to get the fundamentals right.  

This course is for you if  you are 

  • A complete beginner 

  • Lose games to low rated players due to blunders, strategic mistakes and other oversights

  • Stuck at under 1400 elo 

  • Have trouble with fundamentals such as forks, pins, development, basic endgames, etc.


The course begins on Saturday the 1st of June at 12pm and every Saturday for a duration of 22 weeks.  

Each lesson is 60 minutes in duration and is divided into theory, analysis and practical play against other players.  

Notes and Exercises will be given for each session.


LESSON 1 – Setting Up the Board and Pieces & How the Pieces Move
LESSON 2 – The Rules of Check, Mate, Draw and Stalemate
LESSON 3 – Evaluate Good vs. Bad Exchanges
LESSON 4 – The Special Rules – Castling, En passant, Promotion
LESSON 5 – The Rules of Attack, Capture and Defense
LESSON 6 – Getting to Know Elementary Tactics
LESSON 7 – Pawn Structure Fundamentals
LESSON 8 – Common Middlegame Attacks
LESSON 9 – Strategies for Winning Material
LESSON 10 – Executing a Successful Attack
LESSON 11 – Coordinating the Pieces
LESSON 12 – Playing against Weaknesses
LESSON 13 – Basic Opening Ideas
LESSON 14 – Importance of Development
LESSON 15 – Importance of the Center
LESSON 16 – Efficient Opening Strategies for 1400-1500
LESSON 17 – The Secret to Power Play
LESSON 18 – Setting Up a Positional Plan
LESSON 19 – Common Endgame Plans and Ideas
LESSON 20 – Key Ideas about Pawn Structures
LESSON 21 – The Key of Imbalances of a King
LESSON 22 – Suggestions for Endgame Improvement


                                  Ms. Oana Caruana Pulpan - Partners up with the Swieqi Chess Club 

                                  Woman FIDE Master & FIDE Instructor  

                                  Malta's highest rated female player and Malta's Woman Champion

                                  Malta Rapid Chess Champion 2018

                                  Represented Malta in Chess Olympiads (Board 1 Player) - Germany, Italy, Turkey, Norway, Azerbaijan and Georgia


Swieqi Chess Club (Members) - €10 per lesson (90 minutes) or €180 for the entire course

Non-members - €14 per lesson (90 minutes) or €260 for the entire course

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Classes are held at the:

Swieqi Chess Club

Sir Joseph Carbone Street,


Mobile: 79007001

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