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The Swieqi Chess Club is selling high quality chess equipment at very good prices. All items listed below can be purchased by request via email on Payment can then be carried out via bank transfer or in cash. 

Note on delivery: Pickup - Free; Delivery - 5 euro;

Chess Set

Digital Chess Clock

Complete tournament quality chess set including both the chessboard and pieces. 

The chessboards are quality vinyl, roll up and unroll easily for convenient storage, but are also resistant to tears, and spills. Each board features 2 ¼" squares to meet chess tournament standards and the boards measures 20" by 20". Algebraic notation surrounds the entire board and is clearly legible from all sides.

The chess pieces are a standard design and have a 3 ¾" tall King with a 1 ½" base. The green felt paper on the base helps the pieces to glide smoothly on any type of board.


Digital Chess Timer with Bonus & Delay is a reliable game timer that is easy to program and use. Key features:

  • Easy to program and use

  • Requires 1 - AA battery

  • The move indicator light, The button is lifted (the indicator light bright)

  • Timer measurements: 13.8 x 8.8 x 4.5cm

  • Timer Net Weight: 160grams

  • Supports bonus/increment (Fischer) time up to 59 seconds per move.

  • Supports delay time up to 59 seconds per move.

  • Both count up and count down modes.

  • Time, bonus/increment (Fischer) and delay times can be set different for each side of the timer if desired.

  • Audible alarm (when time expires) can be turned off.

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