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Swieqi Chess League 2023 Format and Rules  

The Swieqi Chess league will begin on Sunday the 14th of May at 5pm.  The league will be made up of 3 divisions.   The league is open to any player from any locality, skill level, gender and age.  To apply to enter the league download and complete the application form on the right.  This is a Single Round Robin Tournament.  

Click to register your application.  

Rules and Conditions

Time control 90 minutes +30 second increments per move.  


  1. The league start date is Sunday the 14th of May 2023.

  2. Prize Fund as follows: 

    • Top player from each division will get a trophy

    • If a player gives unnecessary walkovers that player shall be refused any prize money if they are in a position to receive it and they may also not be allowed to play in the next league.  

  3. This is a Single Round Robin Tournament.  

  4. Closing date for applications is Monday the 26th of October 2020/  

  5. All games will take place at the Swieqi Chess Club, Triq Josef Kalleya, Swieqi SWQ3555

  6. Players are divided into divisions according to their FIDE rating, with the highest rated players in the first division and the lowest rated players in the lowest division (unless a player has been promoted or relegated).

  7. This league is a FIDE rated event. 

  8. At the end of each 'season' 3 members will be 'promoted' to the 'division' above, with the exception of the top 'division'.

  9. At the end of each 'season' 3 members will be 'relegated' to the 'division' below, with the exception of the bottom 'division'.

  10. Games will be played once fortnightly on Sundays at 5pm commencing from Sunday the 29th of September 2019.

    • If players cannot play on the official day they must find an alternative day, time and location during that week period in which to play their game.  Clocks and other chess equipment cannot be provided by the club if not playing on allocated days and venue (score sheets will be made available however).  . 

  11. If a league game coincides with a tournament or an event organised by the MCF or any other organiser who has  organised a tournament, players will have to find an alternative date, time and venue to play. 

  12. Matches will be arranged by the arbiter.

  13. All scheduled games should be played on the official day or agreed upon by players otherwise walkovers will be given.  A game at a later date can be played earlier i.e. a game in Week 5 can be played in Week 3 (both players need to be in agreement).  This might happen due to the fact that someone needs to travel abroad.  You will be provided with a soft copy of the timetable and players you will be playing and a copy will be available on line (

  14. The pairings for each round will be determined at the start of the event and will be published to all participants.

  15. This is a single round robin tournament.  

  16. If there are absentees or a member withdraws, then at the end of each 'season' members will move up the equivalent number of places to ensure that each 'division' still has 6 players. (from top to bottom), however if a new player with a higher rating then those in division 2 they shall automatically be placed in Division 1.  

  17. Tie-breaks will be:

    • Direct encounter - the results of the players in the same point group.

    • Neustadtl score (Sonneborn-Berger) with Swiss Manager parameters (0,0,N,S,0,N,Y)

    • Greater number of games won.

  18. In the event that the above still cannot separate players, then the lower rated player will win the tie-break.

  19. Any member who causes disruption or causes offence to any other member will be 'eliminated' and removed from the league.

  20. Players are NOT allowed to eat whilst at the playing table as this may cause distractions to their opponents.  If you wish to eat you must leave the playing table and the room and eat outside. 

  21. All mobile phones must be either switched to silent or turned off and placed on the table during the game.  A player who leaves the room for any purpose is not allowed to take their phone with them.  If a player needs to answer a call they have to leave the playing table and room.      

  22. Upon signing up players will be provided with the following details of all the players if their division:

    • Home phone number

    • Mobile number

    • Email address

  23. Any player who is playing in the league and is a member of the club shall be sent  pgn files all games of each round.  Any player who is not a member shall only be sent their own games.  

If you do not wish the above details (or part of) to be passed onto other players in your division please inform the organiser. 


If a higher rated player wishes to participate in the league the following season but did not participate in the last season will:

  • be placed in the highest division provided that a player (who had played in that division) no longer wishes to participate otherwise they will be placed in the next division down.   

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