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"When people tell me that something can’t be done, they motivate me even more to prove them wrong!" ~ Susan Polgar


Welcome to the Swieqi Chess Club. We would like to invite players of all ages and playing levels to join and become a member of our club.  The club regularly organizes lessons for beginners, social play, tournaments (Blitz, Rapid, and Classical tournaments), special events and film nights.  The club is open to anyone from any locality. 


One of the reasons for starting the Swieqi Chess Club was to have a place for players to play chess and for youths to recognize the educational value; critical and abstract thinking, planning, logic, and analysis that comes from playing chess. 


Swieqi Chess Club
Juniors with Malta President
Swieqi Chess Club
Swieqi Chess Club

The Swieqi Chess Club is not a separate entity and is affiliated with the Malta Chess Federation.  Together we work hand-in-hand to further promote chess in Malta and to make chess more widely available to the general public.


Chess has been shown to increase students’ critical thinking skills as well as problem-solving. As a lecturer, I have noticed students that can’t remain focused for 5 minutes in a classroom but can concentrate for 90 minutes in a chess game. There is a lot of research in the relationship between scholastic chess and student achievement.


Club History

December 2016 was when the club first opened its doors.  With the sponsorship money, the Swieqi Council were able to raise, all the necessary equipment was purchased.  At that time we did not have a permanent location and we were moving to various venues to host tournaments and classes.  This was proving tiring and at times a bit problematic as there might have been a double booking for the venue and it took considerable time setting up the tables, chairs, and boards each time we went to a venue.

November 2018 is when we decided to convert part of am existing property into a permanent residence for the club.  At the start of November, we began refurbishment works on the property to a permanent venue which can now host 26 players.  The work was completed within 6 weeks and on the 1st of January 2019, the Swieqi Chess Club opened its doors, opening 6 times a week and being able to run more classes and offer more tournaments.  The club has the following facilities:

July - August 2021

For more information and registration click on the image below
Chess Summer Camp Edirted.jpg
Grandmaster Susan Polgar visits the Swieqi Chess Club and the Junior Chess Players.  
Wednesday the 14th of August 2019
Susan with Juniors.jpg
A sponsor of the
5th Swieqi Chess League
NM Group.jpg
The Main Sponsor of the
Swieqi Chess Club
  • Can host up to 26 players

  • 14 DGT Electronic Smart Boards + Electronic Pieces

  • Live Broadcasting of Chess Tournaments 

  • PGNs Electronically recorded and given to members

  • 20 club boards + 20 DGT 3000 Clocks

  • Fully air-conditioned

  • 6 ip cameras for live streaming of tournaments

  • 55-inch 4K TV

  • 94-inch projector screen with LED projection 

  • JBL multimedia sound system

  • High-speed wi-fi internet access

  • 3ft by 3ft demonstration board

  • 10ft by 10ft outdoor chess board

  • Outside seating area

  • Refreshment area

  • The venue is double glazed

  • Bathroom facilities

  • The club is open 6 days a week 

The club has future plans to increase the seating capacity size to more than double the players we can currently host and also to increase the equipment we currently have in order to allow more players to participate in events.  

Our mission

As a club is to promote increased knowledge and understanding of the game of chess as an art and as an intellectual sport.   The Swieqi Chess Club seeks to foster the development of its members as chess players and enhance their appreciation of the game.  The Sweqi Chess Club would like to work in association with schools (primary and secondary) and local councils in order to further promote chess to the general public, especially the next generation of young chess players.  If there are any schools (Government, Private or Church) or local councils who would like to introduce chess to their schools or to the general public please contact us.   

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