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Chess Summer Classes

Starting from Monday 3rd July 2023
8 week course

Chess Courses for Juniors (boys & girls) aged 5-16

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Classes are held weekly at the:

Swieqi Chess Club

Joseph Carbone Street

St Julian's

Mobile: 79007001






Parents have a choice for each of the lessons as outlined below:

1st Lesson

Mondays at 4pm - 5pm

or on 

Tuesdays at 5pm - 6pm

2nd Lesson

Wednesdays  at 4pm - 5pm

or on 

Thursdays at 5pm - 6pm

3rd Lesson

Fridays at 4pm - 5pm or at 5pm - 6pm


LESSON STRUCTURE (Please scroll further down the page for course content)

  1. There are a total of 36 hours spread over 8 weeks with each lesson being 90 minutes in duration.   The first 45=60 minutes of each class will consist of interactive instruction, tactics / puzzles for students to solve with the remainder of the class (30-45 minutes) being dedicated to hands-on chess play with other students.  

  2. A certificate of completion along with a medal will be awarded to each student provided they have an attendance rate of 80%.

  3. Once this course has been completed students will then be able to move onto out Intermediate classes which will be held in September 202.  



The course is comprised of 24 lessons (36 hours of instruction), 3 times a week over 8 weeks.  


Option 1: €300 whole course fee payable in one go at the start of the course.  

Option 2: €50 per week over 8 weeks.    

Dates and Times

Beginner Course (Step 1): In the first step, the elementary knowledge is acquired which every successful chess player needs. The early stages of the course thus present easily comprehensible steps and exercises, which are immediately assimilated through play. In addition, the course is complemented by a lot of new activities for learning and practice.  On completion of the course students shall be awarded a certificate and medal / trophy.  

35 Topics

  1. The chessboard and the pieces

  2. How the pieces of move

  3. Special moves

  4. The life of a chess king

  5. Mate in one move

  6. Mate by a queen

  7. Mate by a rook

  8. Mate by two bishops

  9. Basic mate configurations

  10. Introduction to chess openings

  11. Introduction to chess middlegames 

  12. How a game can end

  13. Combination basics

  14. The sacrifice

  15. The deflection

  16. The decoy

  17. The pin and the skewer

  18. Typical combinations 1

  19. Typical combinations 2

  20. Development tales

  21. The safety of the king

  22. The center

  23. Activity

  24. Pawn structures

  25. Introduction to chess endgames 

  26. The basics of pawn endgames 1

  27. The basics of pawn endgames 2

  28. The basics of rook endgames

  29. The basics of knight endgames

  30. The basics of bishop endgames

  31. The basics of queen endgames 

  32. Open positions

  33. Closed positions

  34. Semi-open positions

  35. Gambits

Course Content
Course Content
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