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New Premises Official Opening

The new premises of the Swieqi Chess Club were officially inaugurated in an opening ceremony event held at the club in the afternoon on Saturday 27th May. People invited to the event included the club paid members, sports authorities, local councils, Malta Chess Federation and other mind sports organisations. 

During the event a presentation of the history and identity of the club was done by Mark Fleri and Colin Pace, followed by a reception. At the same event Mr. Noel Muscat, also on behalf of Mr. Justin Fenech, presented the sponsorship money for the upcoming Swieqi Chess Leagues, to start on Sunday 4th June at 5pm,

Mr. Noel Muscat, mayor of Swieqi and big contributor to the beginning of the Swieqi Chess Club in 2016, played a move on one of the chessboard as a symbolic opening of the new premises,

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